“Lean Selling is the most important sales management book of the last 25 years. Why? Most people who manage sales departments are winging it. Nearly all of them have learned by doing and they became sales managers because they were very good salespeople. Most have been trained by other sales managers who never had any formal training either. With this in mind, Lean Selling shows us why 90% of today’s sales processes are broken. This book will change forever the way you sell and manage. Enjoy the ‘aha’ moments.”

Al Davidson

President, Strategic Sales & Marketing, Inc.

Lean Cubed is a boutique consulting, coaching, and training company with a singular focus on leveraging Lean Selling principles and practices. We help companies to create a sustainable competitive advantage by transforming the way they work with buyers and customers that make decisions to purchase their products and services.

Our mission is to help companies apply Lean Thinking, specifically in their sales and related organizations. Lean Thinking is a distillation of principles and practices that form the “DNA” of the Toyota Production System (TPS). Some of the well-known management innovations from TPS include practices such as Just-in-Time production methods and the philosophy and practice of Continuous Improvement.

First popularized by a book of the same name by James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones, Lean Thinking has been applied in dozens of different domains outside of manufacturing. These domains include the provisioning of all kinds of services, most notably in healthcare, and product development, both hardware and software.

Lean Thinking provides repeatable results in a variety of applications and industries, such as:

  • improvements in labor productivity of as much as 100%
  • reductions in cycle times of up to 90%
  • reductions in quality problems by 50%
  • equally dramatic decreases in waste

Most astonishing is that these types of improvements occur every time Lean Thinking is applied to an existing process or system, including a selling system. This is true even if the process had been previously “leaned.” Therefore, the financial and strategic benefits to a company and their customers of applying Lean Thinking to sales are perpetual.

Companies that adopt Lean Selling accrue advantages that go beyond improving the quality of what they produce and their relationship with customers. In addition to providing buyers and customers the products and services they really want, these companies bring their offerings to market, on average, in half the time of their competitors.

The focus of Lean Cubed is to apply Lean Thinking in a company’s sales function, and in the broader “supply chain” of sales. The cost of customer acquisition and maintenance is the largest expense for established companies. Achieving the types of improvements outlined above has significant financial and strategic impacts for a company.

The proven, repeatable methodologies Lean Cubed uses with its clients are based on the seminal book, Lean Selling: Slash Your Sales Cycle and Drive Profitable, Predictable Revenue Growth by Giving Buyers What They Really Want, by Robert J. Pryor.