“Lean Selling provides the tools you require to define then refine your sales process as market and competitive conditions change. The end result is achieving both predictable sales and customer satisfaction.”

Craig Jack

Former Managing Director, KPMG Consulting

The Lean Cubed process includes Five Steps (Steps One and Five are optional; Steps Two, Three, and Four are required).

1. Executive Primer on Lean Selling

Four-hour session at your location to spin up your executive sales and business team on the philosophy, principles, foundations, and methodologies of Lean Selling and the impact it can have on your selling system, followed by questions and discussion.

Deliverable: A documented set of opportunities and challenges that Lean Selling presents, along with assignments for items that require further investigation and discussion.

2. Establishing Sales Improvement Objectives

An all-day facilitated session for key sales and business stakeholders with the goal to gain consensus on up to 3 priority improvement objectives for your company’s selling system. This meeting can take place at your facility or a U.S. location of your choice.

Deliverable: A documented set of management objectives to improve your company’s selling system. This document will include documenting the rationale for selecting these as top priorities. It will also include the consensus view on potential business impact of these improvements, compared to their risk profile.

3. Lean Selling Readiness Assessment

Our experts will evaluate the readiness of your organization and infrastructure to pursue the objectives developed in the team collaboration session, using a Lean Selling approach. This will require 3-5 days onsite for 2 or more of our experts.

Deliverable: An assessment that identifies any critical infrastructure, resource, management, leadership, or cultural issues that should be discussed and resolved before moving forward with implementation of the 90-Day Plan.

4. 90-day Plan

Lean Selling Implementation of a program to show measurable improvement in one of the Sales Improvement Objectives that your team agreed upon.

Deliverable: See 90-Day Plan for details.

5. On-going Support

Support for ongoing, internally-directed improvement initiatives. This offering will be customized based on company requirements at the end of the 90-Day Plan.