Lean Cubed is a boutique consulting firm dedicated to helping companies leverage Lean Selling principles and practices to increase their sustainable competitive advantage.

Robert J. Pryor

Robert J. Pryor

Managing Director

Robert has been a sales, marketing, and general management executive in the computer and information technology industries for over 30 years. Earlier in his career, he was a business unit general management executive for a commercial division of Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Robert was one of the early entrants into the commercial Internet industry, advising CEOs of software companies on the potential impact the emerging Internet could have on their product plans and business models. This narrow but timely focus led to opportunities for him to become a multi-time CEO in the Internet space. Robert was personally involved in the development, management, successful launch, and market adoption of the world’s first Web video product, and also one of the world’s first large Web applications, named TeamCenter®, that enabled collaboration among members of geographically distributed project teams.

Robert has experience applying “Lean Thinking” in multiple domains, in the forms of Lean Production, Lean Software Development, and The Lean Startup. As a student of the most popular selling methodologies for many years, Robert also trained and coached organizations in various sales skills development approaches, in addition to implementing them in companies that he ran.

Robert’s exposure to multiple Lean applications and to a variety of selling systems provided him the unique perspective to realize that software development and sales processes had nearly identical characteristics in regard to cycle times, lack of productivity, unpredictability, inefficiency, and waste. He became convinced that Lean Thinking, which first-hand he had seen transform product and software production, could be adapted and applied to improve sales performance as well.

In 2015, Robert published his original ideas about this topic in the book, Lean Selling: Slash Your Sales Cycle and Drive Profitable, Predictable Revenue Growth by Giving Buyers What They Really Want. This book is a comprehensive guide on how to apply Lean Thinking to sales and achieve breakthrough improvements in efficiency, productivity, and buyer and customer satisfaction.

Peter Belanger

Peter Belanger

Vice President, Client Sales Enablement Strategies

Peter has driven sales productivity improvement in companies across a broad set of industries for over 25 years. His clients have included Cisco, Franklin Covey, GE Capital, Intel, McGraw-Hill, Microsoft, Oracle, Universal Studios, Volvo, Xerox, and over 100 others.

Peter created and delivered proven, repeatable models and processes that resulted in sales increases of 40–400% for his clients—additional revenues totaling more than $10 billion—often without an increase in sales headcount. Based on these success stories, he developed the Ten Commandments of Telemarketing, and the Call Coach assessment system, as well as a series of instructional videos.

Peter is a frequent guest lecturer on the topic of sales at UC Los Angeles, University of Southern California, and UC Irvine. He is also on the board of directors of the LA Chapter of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals.

Kathleen Glass

Kathleen Glass

Vice President, Marketing & Sales Integration Strategies

Kathleen Glass has been a marketing and sales executive in the technology and managed services industries for more than 25 years. As vice president of marketing for Profitline (acquired by Tangoe, Inc.), she pioneered social selling techniques using LinkedIn and other social media tools to cut sales cycle time by 50% while increasing the sales pipeline by 300%.

Kathleen is expert at aligning the activities and efforts of marketing organizations with the requirements and objectives of sales organizations.She achieves this alignment through helping companies create an integrated sales and marketing process that is agile enough to adapt to today’s dynamic changes in the sales environment. These developments include mobile, social media, and better-educated buyers. An important component of Kathleen’s marketing and sales integration strategy is the judicious use of sales enablement, automation, and other technology support tools.

Over the last few years Kathleen has been increasing involved with the expanding role inside sales plays in B2B selling strategies. She sees how the relationship between inside and outside sales continues to evolve. Kathleen believes this shifting landscape demands great organizational agility, along with more well-defined roles and processes. Kathleen shares some of her thought leadership on this topic in her role as a co-chair of the San Diego Chapter of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals.

Jennifer Greene

Jennifer Greene

Director, Client Social Media Strategies

Jennifer Greene has five years’ experience in the dynamic field of incorporating social media into a larger digital marketing strategy. She is expert at using the networking and advertising resources of the most popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google search, Instagram, and Google+. Jennifer’s strategies build a following on relevant channels, increase site traffic, and drive leads into a company’s sales pipeline. With a media firm, Jennifer executed the social media strategies for several Sears Holdings Corporation business units.

Jennifer is Google Analytics certified. In addition to site data, she creates a reporting infrastructure using social metrics that allows clients to determine ROI when considering digital as an alternative to traditional advertising spend.

Jennifer’s clients have seen results such as a 32x growth in YouTube subscriptions, leading to 6.3 million views, and increases in newsletter subscriptions of nearly 60% in one year. She has managed multiple Facebook ad campaigns with an average CPC of 12 cents, while increasing engagement by 54%. Jennifer’s creation and management of an Instagram account gained 5,500 fans.